Empathy prompts – Walking a mile in somebody else’s shoes…


Our privileges (gender, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic) make us blind to the disadvantages of others. Additionally, we generalize other people’s experiences based on our preferences, environment, and upbringing. As most of this behavior is unconscious, how can we free ourselves from those constraints and develop more inclusive products?

Empathy Prompts is a website that helps creators of digital products to build empathy and design more inclusively.

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Dyslexia https://empathyprompts.net/#dyslexia

Quadriplegia https://empathyprompts.net/#quadriplegia

Tinnitus https://empathyprompts.net/#tinnitus

Color blindness https://empathyprompts.net/#color-blindness-blocked-visual-field

And now, how privileged do you feel?

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