Galvanizing Diversity and Inclusion Through Technology

Technology is changing how we experience the world and shaping the future by connecting people and ideas faster than ever before.

But it is also creating a larger chasm between those connected and those that aren’t. Those that belong to the in-group and those that are part of the out-group.

We have a choice. We can dream big and use technology to propel equality. Or we can let natural selection proceed. Where are you on the scale below?

Horizontal scale with Natural Selection at the left end and Diversity and Inclusion at the right end

In this website, you will find information that has shaped, reframed and challenged my vision about diversity and inclusion as well as the role of technology in maintaining and confronting the status quo. I also share the tools I created to visualize, debate, and advance diversity and inclusion.

Computer with the caption women, technology and power


Systems map of the Factors Accounting for the Low Representation of Women in Leadership Positions in Tech Companies


A balance scale and five hands of different colors


Free assessment tool to help you create ethical and inclusive experiences for your customers


Note bills


Five myths and truths about the UK gender pay gap in tech and a blue-sky exercise to help co-create your solution




A tool that enables couples to have meaningful conversations about the impact of life changes in their career, finances, and work-life balance

A diverse ethnic group of children with the caption an inclusive world


Collaborative vision board that aims to articulate inclusion and gender equality in tangible terms


A pink security pin wiht the inscription "It's a girl. Congratulations?!"


Infographic showcasing common challenges women face through their lifetime in terms of education, health, finances, and work




Disrupting the status quo one post at the time



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