Patricia Gestoso in front of a screen with the words "When we design for inclusion, we are designing for our future selves and our ever-changing abilities. Kat Holmes, Director UX design, Google"

Galvanizing Diversity and Inclusion Through Technology

I’m an award-winning inclusion strategist, a technologist with 20+ years of experience in digital transformation, a certified feminist life and career coach, a writer, and an international keynote speaker.

I help individuals, leaders, and organisations to become their own version of success combining through coaching, consulting, public speaking, and inclusion best practices.


Four women of different ages and ethnicity stading up in an office smiling with their arms crossed.

Become your own version of success

Stop second-guessing your decisions and depending on others for your self-worth and mental well-being.

Black woman with closed eyes and face upwards on a background of a mountain landscape at sunrise.

How to feel better

This is for you if life has thrown you a curve ball – or several – and you want to move forward again and face life in a more healthy and sustainable way.


Three photos. Photo 1: An upset white woman in business attire in a kitchen talking to her three small children. Photo 2: A black woman in business attire sitting in front of a computer looking overwhelmed. Photo 3: A  white woman sitting with an old man with a cane. The woman has a caring hand over the man's shoulder.

COVID-19 and unpaid work

Report on the effect of COVID-19 on the unpaid work of professional women based on 1,3000+ survey responses.

Three smiling women from different ethnicities are walking in a office.

How women succeed in tech

I’m writing a book about how women succeed in tech worldwide. I’ve already collected 400 responses from women in tech from 45+ countries.

Tools to enable diversity, inclusion, and equity

Five first from different skin colours touching each other over a table with laptiops and cables.

Ethics and inclusion framework

Free assessment tool to help you create ethical and inclusive experiences for your customers.

Two hands belonging to different people hold bank notes. One holds a 50 euros note and the other a 10 euros note.

Reimagining the gender pay gap

Five myths and truths about the UK gender pay gap in tech and a blue-sky exercise to help co-create your solution.

Visualising systems of oppression

Several men s legs and shoes in a business attire under a table.

Women, technology, and power

Systems map of the factors accounting for the low representation of women in leadership positions in tech companies.

Black baby toddler smiling laying on a bed.

It’s a girl. Congratulations!?

Infographic showcasing common challenges women face through their lifetime in terms of education, health, finances, and work.

Thought leadership about the intersection of tech and DEI

3D-printed figures who work at a computer in an anonymous environment. They are anonymized, almost de-humanized.

AI as recolonising tool

Learn how the Global North exploits poverty and weak laws in the South to accelerate its digital transformation. Image: Max Gruber / Better Images of AI / Clickworker Abyss / CC-BY 4.0

Old image (1910) of a doctor applying an electric current to a woman's knee.

The gender pain gap

How the contempt for women’s pain justifies substandard healthcare for half of the humankind. Image: High Frequency Electric Currents in Medicine and Dentistry, 1910, Public Domain Review

Two teenage girls portrayed against a wall with multiple surveillance cameras pointing at them. The girls look at the cameras back.

Children digital exclusion

Four areas where technology fosters children’s disenfranchisement and manipulation.

A hand palm holding an open padlock.

Unlocking change with design

Are you leaving it to others to design an inclusive and ethical future for you?

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