Ask Google: Is my son gifted? Is my daughter overweight?

SonGifted_DaughterOverweightSeth Stephens-Davidowitz’s book “Everybody lies” assembles his work on what he calls “Google Digital Truth Serum”, people’s internet searches. Seth theorizes that people are more honest when they ask Google than to any other source, including Facebook, which he calls “Digital Brag to My Friends How Good is My Life Serum”.

In this article, the author argues that Google searches suggest that modern American parents hope for smart sons and skinny daughters. He wonders “How would American girls’ lives be different if parents were half as concerned with their bodies and twice as intrigued by their minds?”… And I wonder why are we surprised that more girls and women don’t study STEM subjects.

As parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, are we more worried about our girls’ waists than their IQ? Are we unconsciously priming them to prioritize body over academic achievements?

How does this article resonate with you?